Uddannelseshuset, jobcenter Aalborg

Uddannelseshuset (House of education), Job Center Aalborg

Uddannelseshuset (House of education), Job Center Aalborg

The collaboration ended January 2021

Uddannelseshuset is a part of Aalborg Job Center. Our target group is young unemployed aged 18-30, except unemployed insured in an unemployment insurance fund (a-kasse) and young people with a qualifying education. We therefore work with young people who are obviously ready for education (åbentlyst uddannelsesparate), ready for education (uddannelsesparate), young people in rehabilitation programmes (ressourceforløb) and young people who are ready for activity (aktivitetsparate).

The staff at Uddannelseshuset consists of social workers, business advisors, mentors, back-office employees and other administrative employees. We also have different types of employment projects, a psychologist, coordinators and the management.

Furthermore, the Youth Education Guidance (Ungdommens Uddannelsesvejledning) is housed in the same building, and we have a close collaboration. Our core task is to support young people in their way towards obtaining education or employment.

Our challenge:

April 1st 2020 Uddannelseshuset kicked off a new employment project called “Jobkurs” targeted young people diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder who have difficulties finding their way into education and employment.

The project consists of conversations with a psychologist who has knowledge and experience within the autism spectrum and also a sharp focus on employment possibilities. Furthermore, there is a close collaboration with a business advisor with the purpose of establishing job training (virksomhedspraktik) in a relevant company as part of the project. The project lasts 13 weeks with an option to extend the period.

The entire process is arranged and based on the single participant’s individual needs, but may include coping strategies, perspectives on the future, psychoeducation and more. The project might also include general education in other relevant topics.

The job training initiative is established in collaboration between the participant, the psychologist and the business advisor, with a focus on making the best possible match in terms of the young person’s competencies and interests.

The case:

We are curious about why the approach in the project “Jobkurs” has a positive effect on certain participants diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, but not all? Which types of young people profits from the approach and why? Is it possible to identify specific factors that plays a key role in terms of a positive effect? What is at stake for the young people where the project has no or a limited effect?

We wish to gain knowledge on all the questions above to be able to target the project to those young people who will profit most. We also want to know more about how to provide the best help for those who do not seem to benefit from the project.

Uddannelseshuset was a collaborator on the megaproject Better Together