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Join a megaproject

Join a megaproject

The purpose of AAU Megaprojects are to give interdisciplinary solutions on current societal problems related to sustainability - in both Denmark and the rest of the world. Megaprojects will contribute to the solving of challenges and problems in collaborations and with basis in real world problems. As such, the megaprojects are open to collaborations with real world actors. We are very happy to discuss partnership opportunities with private and public companies, organisations and universities, in Denmark or abroad.


Does your company or organisation need solutions to challenges related to sustainability? Should good students across different programmes help?

Then maybe AAU megaprojects are interesting for you. 

As external partner on a megaproject, there are many different possibilities for collaboration. Your company might have the next big idea for brilliant megaproject, or maybe you are struggling to find a solution for problem related to sustainability and would like to make a case out of it. The possibilities are many and we are open to find the right one for you


AAU Megaprojects are inviting students from other universities to participate. For this to happen, certain measures must be considered:

  • The megaprojects consists of semester projects from the participating students. As such, participants must be working on a project or defined problem that can contribute to the megaproject.
  • Participating students are not required to be in a group, and are thus able to participate as individual students. However, as the norm is working in groups at AAU we encourage this.

To ensure a profitable collaboration and value for the participating students, all collaborations with universities must be planned in advance. Please contact project manager for AAU Megaprojects Katrine Bjerg for further information. 


  • Interdisciplinary projects ranging across the whole University with participation of several hundred students
  • All based on global challenges as formulated in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Groups work within their own academic field in coordination with other groups in external partnerships
  • The project extends across several semesters and typically lasts two to three years.

Read more about megaprojects here


Contact us to learn more about the possibility of becoming an active partner in an existing megaproject or how to enter into collaboration with us on a completely new megaproject.  




Project Manager Katrine Lohmann Bjerg