Megaproject: Simplifying sustainable living

Megaproject: Simplifying sustainable living

In the megaproject Simplifying sustainable living, students from different fields of study work together to make it easier for citizens in the municipality of Aalborg to act sustainably – in full accordance with the ambitions of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The megaproject is a collaboration with the municipality of Aalborg. The megaproject ends summer 2021.

What should recycling look like in 2030? And how can you make it easy for ordinary citizens to make sustainable choices in their day-to-day lives? The students who participate in the megaproject Simplifying sustainable living will find answers to questions like these in the course of the coming years.

The megaproject has the following structure:


Sustainable development goals plays a part

The megaproject especially relates to these goals:


Participate in a megaproject

Are you interested in this megaproject? Then please make a project proposal that fits under one of the challenges listed beneath. You can read more about the challenges here:

Minimizing waste and ensuring optimal sorting behaviour among students and employees at AAU

In 2020 a new waste handling system will be implemented at AAU. That means that there will be fewer small garbage bins and more waste sorting. In cooperation with Campus Service at AAU, it is possible to work with e.g behaviour, implementation, smart solutions, culture, data and much more.

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Waste handling in private households

Which drivers and barriers are identifiable for the citizens of Aalborg in terms of household waste sorting? This challenge wants to examine which solutions are needed to improve the waste sorting in private households. Whether your field of study is computer science, communication, biology or something else, you can contribute to the solution for this challenge.

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Eat Sustainably

Why is it important to buy sustainable food? What is sustainable food? Who buys it? and how can the availability of e.g. local produce be improved? That and much more is possible to investigate under this challenge.

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Promoting green choices through digital technologies

How can we make it easy and simple to make green choices for the individual consumer? Can digital technologies assist? And How? Which knowledge is needed and what would make a difference for the consumer's behaviour? If you are interested in bringing your perspectives to the table, please click on the link below.  

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What is needed to ensure the delivery of goods in urban areas in the future? How will sustainability, package delivery, delivery of goods and urban spaces work together? Do you want to join the exploration of these connections, then click on the link below. 

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Transformative Scenarios for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

What constitutes sustainable urban mobility planning? And which impact does it have on the mobility and transport in cities? This challenge is aimed at creating scenarios that can empower a more sustainable behaviour, culture and city, on the base of the citizens. 

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See how you as a student submit your project proposal here

Meaningful focus areas

The three focus areas are defined by the municipality of Aalborg and are the themes the municipality wish to focus on in the contributions to the megaproject. Therefore this megaproject are interested in simplifying sustainable living in terms of waste, green consumption and transport and mobility. Read more about the focus areas here.


Ulrik Nyman, megaproject coordinator
Department of Computer Science