Port of Aalborg

Port of Aalborg

Port of Aalborg

Port of Aalborg is a modern inland port with a 360 degree trade area, multimodal transport solutions and none the least a focus on the implementation of the business- and sustainability strategy of Aalborg Municipality. With our development strategy, we are increasingly changing our focus from water to land and the development of the surrounding business park, which is part of the future business development and growth zone of Aalborg. Within the next 7-10 years, Port of Aalborg has declared to double the turnover from 200 to 400 million DKK, invest 2 billion DKK, attract 10-15 large businesses and create 5.000 jobs in Aalborg.

A successful business community is the foundation for the continuing growth in the Aalborg area, and as a significant generator of such growth, Port of Aalborg will take responsibility for the future development of the business sector. With that in mind, the intention of Port of Aalborg is to create optimal development conditions for the businesses in the area – and thus contribute to make Aalborg an attractive place to live, work and develop businesses.

The basis for development of the business sector in Aalborg is, from our point of view, the ability and willingness to engage in partnerships, and is thus the central focus in all of our CSR initiatives. No partnerships, no development. Port of Aalborg is therefore a part of different partnerships and collaborations – including Aalborg University, UCN, Aalborg Municipality and a wide range of other businesses and organisations.

Our CSR strategy is divided into three overall focus areas: partnerships, the green transition and the good life. Based on these themes we work on goal-oriented initiatives, that will secure progress in the business sector, civil society and for the environment, both locally and globally. This means that we in terms of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have a special focus on six of the goals:


For us development is about joint responsibility. About making each other strong though collaboration and knowledge sharing. About jointly creating the best conditions for growth, innovation and also breakthroughs within sustainability, like Green Hub Denmark.

Port of Aalborg A/S include 9 subsidiary companies and 90 employees. Read more at https://portofaalborg.com/

Port of Aalborg is available for collaboration in the megaproject Better Together on the challenge The Sustainable Organisation