Megaproject: Better together

In the fall semester of 2021 you have the opportunity to participate in the megaproject Better Together in a challenge about industy 4.0. Are you interested in working with new technologies? How they work and impact society and the labour market? Then participate in the megaproject challenge about industry 4.0 this fall.

The megaproject Better Together is focused on the labour market in terms of inclusion, innovation and progress. How will the labour market of the future turn out?

Private companies and public organisations need skilful and talented workers. In a time of change in the labour market and in working life, for instance due to the rapid technological development, there is a growing need for new knowledge and solutions for ensuring an adaptable, innovative and including labour market where more people get to utilize their potential and thereby contribute to creating value, innovation and economic growth.

The fall of 2021 focus on the challenge of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

During  recent  years,  the  implementation  of  artificial  intelligence,  Internet of Things (IoT) and  robotics  in manufacturing have been called industry 4.0 and is described as a new technological paradigm. The term industry 4.0 includes all aspects of processes, development and change that are necessary for both the technology and machines but also for the labour market and society in general. Industry 4.0 means new ways of working, new technologies, new data possibilities and new skill sets.

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How to participate

To participate in the megaproject this fall you need to enroll. You and your group must send us information about your semester project. Download the template here and fill it out. When this is done please send it to - deadline is 26 September. When you have enrolled you will be put in a cluster with other groups. You will recieve further information on your participation and meet the other participant at our workshop 7 October.  

Download template here

Information on the megaprojects

You can find further information about the megaprojects and what participation entails here.

AAU Megaprojects fall 2021

The megaprojects have been up and running since the fall of 2019. Since then we have learned a lot about the concept and it is now time to evaluate and develop. This means that the fall semester 2021 will run a little different from previously. To make space for the interesting development activities for students, external stakeholders and staff, the megaproject participation of the fall will be focused on one challenge on one megaproject, which is Industry 4.0 in Better Together.


Rasmus Juul Møberg, coordinator
Sociology and Social Work