Megaproject: Blue Denmark

During the spring of 2022, students at Aalborg University had the opportunity to participate in the megaproject Blue Denmark on challenges about biodiversity in the Limfjord or energy islands in Denmark.

Denmark is surrounded by sea with a coastline of 8,750 kilometers.

This location is absolutely crucial to the country's historical development and still plays a significant role to the existence of the danish society.

Significant maritime business interests include fisheries, shipping, oil and gas production, wind and wave energy, experiences and tourism, all of which are under increasing pressure for sustainable development.

The societal interests include maritime ecosystems, stock monitoring, species diversity and the recipient sea as some of the key areas. The interaction between business and societal interests takes place in a dynamic crossroads, where a common sustainable development requires untraditional visions and new technological and socio-economic solutions. We see opportunities for unfolding a megaproject at this crossroads, which we call Blue Denmark.

During the spring of 2022, AAU students were invited to participate in two different challenges. You can read more about each challenge by clicking the title beneath. 

Biodiversity in the Limfjord


Energy Islands



You can find more information about the megaprojects here.


Lars Haastrup Pedersen, coordinator
Chemistry and Bioscience